Gender Marketing: Who Is The Bigger Target, Men or Women?

When you think about social media, do you think about it in gender? When you update to your social media accounts, do you know which gender dominates which social media platforms?

When you start looking at your target audience and then break it down even more gender specific, you start to realize that you can cater to either men or women based on their desires or wants in social media.

I want to discuss the gender roles and the battle of the sexes, and how you can use it to drive more traffic to your site from social media updating.

Ladies & Gentlemen in Social Media

Which platform do you think the women dominate on? Since I can’t give a pause here, just pretend I did to let you think about it.

Actually women dominate more than you think!

How are women affected by social media?

The gentler of the two sexes often are the hardest people to lure and entice from your social media update. Men are easy. Women are more affected by emotions and feelings. Where a man would see a picture of a beautiful woman leaned up against the car, they would click, whereas that same image wouldn’t work for a woman.

While this may not affect men, a picture of a woman in a bathtub, with bubbles, and some yogurt in her hand, for the woman, depicts a place of relaxation and comfort. It is easy on the brain.

Women tend to passion buy. What makes them feel good about something. For the most part, don’t plaster a picture of a half naked woman leaned up against a car if you’re trying to appeal to the female stereotype. gives us some insightful tips about the women on Facebook and how to appeal to them as a group in your social marketing.

  • Women are more likely to purchase from brands they follow- when you can engage with the woman user of social media and give them an answer to their problem, no matter what it may be, research has said women will most likely purchase that item, plus start following you.
  • Women use social media to connect different aspects of their lives- Most women are on social media to form personal connections.  They want people to appeal to their wants, needs, and desires.  They are consistently looking for this.  Whether interacting with other people or your brand, they need answers to their questions.

For the most part, women are a higher buyer than the men, and, when done right, you can actually make more money from them than you can the men.  However, I feel that we are misusing the form of social marketing to appeal to the “whole” aspect of the buyer rather than on gender specific.

Knowing that women are your target market is only half the battle.  To know how to approach them in your social media strategy, you have to understand women to an extent.  I’m no professional at this in any way, but here is my attempt at showing you how to do this with the women.

  1. Listen- You already knew this one though, right?  When you listen effectively to the women followers that you have, they will tell you what you want!  Don’t stop with just listening, make sure that she knows that she has been heard by you as well.
  2. Stop Interpreting Female Needs From A Male Perspective- Just because you feel that a woman would be more apt to click on something that you have updated on social media doesn’t mean that she will.  You may think you know that this is best for her, but more than likely it isn’t.  Ask her opinion.  Poll some of the women in your fan base and let them tell you themselves.
  3. Always Connect First- Before any selling is made, try to make a relationship with that person.  This doesn’t just go for the woman, I think this is true for the men too.  There is nothing stronger than making the connection with people.  When you can create a bond with someone, it is more likely that they will trust you in the future when you do have that product that you’re wanting to sell.

Women are emotional creatures.  Show them a post that has love, affection, warmth, some sort of answer to a problem that they have, and you will always create that emotional response that you need from the ladies.

How Are Men Affected By Social Media?

This one is easy.  Guys aren’t that deep.  We tend to look at the outward layer rather than the soft mushy inside of things.  Men are visual, stimulated by ocular nerves and by the things that surround us.  As I said before, since guys are so visual, the image of a half naked lady standing by their favorite muscle car will always make the guy stop and look.

Facebook and Mashable did a poll on guys and asked them what they wanted.  While they asked this question, an image of a muscle car was in the background.  88% of the men returned with the answer of “A car”.

It’s kind of shameful that I’m actually listed in this group of neanderthals, however, it’s an easy feat when you’re trying to attract men to your site from social media only because it’s (at least) 88%  effective that they are stimulated by visualization.

So does that simply mean that if you create an image, that goes along with your blog post (or wherever you’re wanting to send them), then they will react to that picture?

For some, maybe yes. Just like the women, I think that there are men that are exceptions to this rule.  Some men could be affected by emotional standards while others are affected by visual one’s.  So there has to be something that can connect these people where you can grab their attention and drive them to your site through social media.

What You Write in Your Update Makes A Difference!

This is the thin dividing line, I believe, in your social media updating.  When you promote your blog post, what you say when you go to promote it has to cover their curiosity, their emotional standards, answer their questions, and be stimulating in some way to them all at the same time.

I have recently been researching the different ways to do this in my own form of updating.  It’s interesting to know that so far, I have found certain angle’s that I can write something that will create emotion in the update and answer a question, but as of yet, I still haven’t lassoed the whole concept of creating an update that covers each and every aspect of the reader.

Granted, there were still fabulous results simple because I was trying to help people.

See how it creates an answer to a question telling people that they can read this post and get more answers in becoming successful online. This typical post had great results, however, what’s curious about it is that it was mostly MEN that responded. This goes to show me that this was more visually stimulating and not emotionally sound for the women. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

The Final Thought

Knowing what women and men want online is the key to your social media marketing strategy. Just throwing up any old image and text isn’t going to cut it! Most people think that the article is over once you hit publish, but it’s not. In fact, you’re promotional marketing has just taken affect and that’s the most important part because you’re venturing out into the public trying to get people to come to your site. Make sure you know your target audience, how to write for them, and, more importantly, how to stimulate them enough in social media to come to your site.


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