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Improving The Use of Colors and Images in Social Media

A lot of people forget the importance that colors and images have on a persons psyche. Simply finding an image through search is not enough to create attraction and attention for your update in social media. You have to actually put some thought into what picture you’re going to choose to represent that blog article on these platforms.

So if you’re like the thousands of other people that think that the hard part is over when you hit the publish button, you need to seriously reconsider your line of work, because it’s just beginning. Having an image that depicts the right emotional state is very important when you go to list it to your followers and friends on social media.

This is what I want to talk to you about today. Not just about the value an image has on social media, you already know that they’re important, but to tell you that any old image isn’t going to work. Some thought needs to be put into this decision before you allow your fan base to view it.

What Colors & Images Do

The human mind is designed to respond to colors and images. They shape our thoughts and emotions, and, according to studies, they can affect our mood, and they have the ability to change our buying habits. Colors and images can invoke as much as an 80% change in motivation when it comes to online shopping, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

These are two very important aspects of your social marketing, and they are not to be taken lightly.

Once you take the information that you know about color and you transform that into an image that depicts what your blog post is about on social media, then you have a recipe for success!

I have always said that images are the way to a readers soul on social media.  If you don’t have a large following, then people aren’t really looking at you to show them anything interesting.  However, if you can build your social media update with the right colors and images, you WILL get their attention simply by using the right color and image that attracts them to your post.

People aren’t reading your posts

When I first started on social media no one was paying any attention to me.  No one knew who I was, nor did they care, and it was only when I started using images that they started to slowly pay attention.  A picture is worth a thousand words and the right color in that image is priceless.

The Psychology Of It All

I think the infographic really shows us how colors bring out the role of psychology in a reader’s mind. Attraction through color has been an age old technique by many advertising companies. We never knew why we got hungry when we saw the McDonald’s sign, we just knew we were hungry and wanted a burger. It’s that subconscious feeling that works both in our brains and the pit of our stomach, much like the Pavlovian bell, that brings us to attention when we see it. Even now, when I drive through an unfamiliar place, I can always spot the Mickey D’s a hundred yards away. It’s ingrained in our heads!

Using the psychological method to drive traffic through images and color simply takes knowing what I’ve told you above about color. The next step would be to find the image that pertains to what you’re going to say in your blog post, and one that can have these correct colors that appeal to the public.

The Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard of The Law of Attraction? No? Then you should pick up that book called The Secret. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. Simple as that.

Not everyone is going to “like” the image that you put in front of them. If you’re writing about getting more traffic from Twitter, then it’s a good guess that most everyone will like that idea. So the post itself would be a home run. But you’ve got to set yourself up to knock it out of the park with the image and the color too though.

Since the Twitter logo is the color blue, and we know that this is a calming and reassuring color, in the reader’s mind they are thinking that this is reassuring, something of authority, trustworthy, and successful. Blue is always a great color to work with! That’s why most government and Fortune 500 companies use this color in their logo’s.

The Final Thought

In the end, it’s going to take every effort that we have to attract attention to our updates.  Social media is growing and there is lots of great marketers out there that you will be competing with.  Sure, not every famous marketer needs a great image.  People are already watching them so they hang on to every word they say.  But for the rest of us, here’s some tips on how you can learn ahead of the curve.  If images and color are an emotional standpoint for a reader, why not capitalize on it for your benefit?  You already have great content, you just need to let the world know.

How can they know if they don’t “know”?



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