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Internet Marketing Promotion Methods

You can get more visitors to your website with internet marketing. You can monetize your website by sending traffic to your sales page and get sales. You can earn by selling other peoples products and get commissions on selling those products. Even if  you have your own product you can earn more from the commissions you get from selling other’s products. So here getting traffic is the most important thing, and the traffic sources have been divided into two kinds of traffic sources namely.

  • Paid traffic sources
  • Free traffic sources

Paid Traffic Sources:

In paid traffic sources, you need to pay certain amount of money in order for your advert to roll out in other sites. Paid traffic sources include Google Ads, Bing Ads etc. You can have both contextual advertisements and banner advertisements in paid ad networks. These paid traffic sources are easy in getting targeted traffic to your sales page. All you need is money where you will spend paying for your ads.

Free Traffic Sources:

Free traffic sources include ranking your internet marketing website or sales page in search engines on the top. This will result in getting free targeted traffic to your website or sales page. If your internet marketing website is ranking pretty good than your sales page, then redirect your traffic to your sales page from your website. You need to apply inexpensive techniques in order to rank well in search engines; as a result you will get free targeted traffic to your landing page which will result in good sales.

There are other marketing methods for getting sales. Below are some of them.

  • List Building using Squeeze page
  • Press Releases
  • Forums
  • Link Exchanges

Squeeze Page:

A squeeze is a simple internet marketing page with email collection form embedded in it with a free eBook offering in the page. Squeeze page are responsible for collecting targeted people and make them to sign up our mailing list. These people will give their name and email in return for a free eBook or a gift. When these targeted people are in our mailing list, whenever we launch a new product we can mail them and as the people are targeted, we will have a good sales from them. If you get more subscribers, you can get more sales. That’s the secret of list building.

Press Releases:

A press release is written in third party view, and it is responsible for promoting a product launch or promoting an item for sale through news. If the press release is written effectively, there are good chances that your press release may be picked up by many news outlets, TV stations, radio stations and online news magazines. Out there, there are many press release distribution services available, they will submit your press release to numerous outlets and rss feed sites. With this, you will get great targeted traffic to your product or sales page. Some of the examples for press release distribution sites include PRweb, Webwire etc.


Forums are the place where a group of people discuss each with common interest. Say for example, a world of warcraft forums is used to discuss about world of warcraft game, so people who are interested in this game and needs info about its updates, products etc will come to the forum and discuss each other. There is a unique feature in the forums, as it provides an option to place a signature in every post you made, a signature is nothing but a short note about you or your company and a hyper link also can be added to the signature. So if you are promoting a product, you can go to the related online forums and engage in the discussion and help the people over there, then they will trust you and will visit your link your forum signature which in turns leads to get a sale.

If you practice the above internet marketing methods carefully, I am sure you will great sales and increase your profits.



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