• The mysterious key to step up your game is hidden in the 80/20 rule… Someone once defined a breakthrough as “The sudden cessation of stupidity.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a breakthrough recentley. Do you find yourself spending... Read More »

  • I am a huge supporter of using Instagram for social media marketing, I get a lot of questions about “Why?” Why should you use Instagram? Why is it beneficial? Why is it so popular? And I can answer all those questions with one simple answer:... Read More »

  • A lot of people forget the importance that colors and images have on a persons psyche. Simply finding an image through search is not enough to create attraction and attention for your update in social media. You have to actually put some thought... Read More »

  • You can get more visitors to your website with internet marketing. You can monetize your website by sending traffic to your sales page and get sales. You can earn by selling other peoples products and get commissions on selling those products.... Read More »

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