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  • People today are concerned with creating a better Facebook marketing strategy.  As well as they should be!  Facebook marketing is one of the primary goals to achieve when you own an online business.  More people today are building successful... Read More »

  • When you think about social media, do you think about it in gender? When you update to your social media accounts, do you know which gender dominates which social media platforms? When you start looking at your target audience and then break... Read More »

  • What every business owner or CEO wants to know about their social media marketing campaign is: What’s the Return on Investment (ROI)? What they want to know is what’s the value to them and why they should even bother with it. There are... Read More »

  • People change, trends get better, the world turns. However, there is one aspect of your social marketing that always stays the same. The human brain. While we all look different on the outside, some better than others, we are all basically the... Read More »

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